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Rosters and Student Accounts

How do I upload rosters?

We have multiple ways to upload your rosters:

  • Import from Google Classroom

  • Give students a link to add themselves

  • Upload a CSV with student data

  • Copy and paste student data

  • Add students individually

You can watch our video about uploading rosters to help guide you through this process.

How do students log in?

Students can log in at

If you imported rosters from google classroom or they have a google email attached to their account, they can use our sign-in with google button.

If not, they can use their username, password, and your school ID to log in. Your School ID is .

You can also watch our video showing how students log in to InnerOrbit.

My student lost their password. What do I do?

You can change any of your students' passwords on the class rosters page. If you lose your password, we can send you an email to reset it. Since a lot of students don't have their own email accounts, we made it easy for their teachers to change it for them.

Building Assessments

How do I create an assessment?

You can create an assessment by adding questions from our enormous collection of NGSS-tagged questions.

Learn how by watching our video on how to create an assessment in InnerOrbit.

How can I upload my own assessments?

We make it easy to upload your own content. You can create an assessment with your own phenomena, text, and questions you wrote.

Watch our video about how to upload my own assessments.

Assignment Options

How do I hide scores and lock assignments?

You can keep students from viewing their scores before other classes take the same assessment.

You can also prevent classes from accessing the assessment early or late.

Find out how to do both by watching our video on hiding scores and locking assessments.